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25. 03. 2022

New version of the app: Smitte|stop is not active and is not currently maintained

If the health authorities decide to provide the app again, it will be updated.

24. 11. 2020

New recommendations if you receive an alert from the app

Read the new recommendations here.

20. 11. 2020

The app and COVIDmeter are send out for tender

See the news in Danish here.

09. 11. 2020

New version of the smitte|stop app. The app now works across European borders.

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27. 10. 2020

The App is upgraded to version 1.2

See the news in Danish here

01. 10. 2020

Adjustments in the app

See the news in Danish here

16. 09. 2020

Notifications of exposures in your phone

As a user of the smitte|stop app, you may experience that you get one of the following notifications on your phone, depending on the type of phone you have:

  • ”Exposure notifications have been enabled for smitte|stop”
  • ”Your device identified 0 potential exposures this week, and shared them with smittet|stop”
  • ”Exposure notifications are enabled and shared with smittet|stop”
  • ”Your iPhone continues to look for possible exposures on your behalf”.

The notifications mean that your phone registers IDs for use in the smitte|stop app.

You may also receive a notification saying your phone has identified a number of exposures without you having received a notification from the smitte|stop app itself. This means that your phone has registered contact with another app user who has tested positive for COVID-19, but that the contact does not meet the medical conditions for being at a risk of infection. The reason may be that the contact has lasted for less than 15 minutes, has been at a distance of more than one metre or at a time that was close to the start of the person’s symptoms.

Below, you can see the push notification from the smitte|stop app:

Phone with notification from Smittestop app

You can always check whether the technology that registers your contacts is enabled. You do this by checking whether COVID-19 Exposure Notification is enabled in the settings of your phone.

On iPhones, you can choose to disable the notifications under the 'Exposure Notification' menu if you have updated the operating system of your phone to version IOS 13.7. Please note that you will continue to receive notifications from the smitte|stop app if you have been exposed to infection.

17. 08. 2020

The smitte|stop app is an effective contact tracing tool

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25. 06. 2020

Smitte|stop app downloaded nearly half a million times in the first week

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25. 06. 2020

New Q&A about the app

Questions about the app have been received and you can find answers to these under questions about the app:

  • Does the app use a lot of power?
  • I get an error message that the area for exposure notifications has changed

    Go to Q&A

In addition, there have been questions about the following topics:

  • More languages and the app in foreign stores

    In an updated version, which can be downloaded from 26 June, the smitte|stop app can be downloaded by persons with a foreign Google Play or Apple account. This will allow the Danish app to be used by foreigners who, for example, work or are holidaying in Denmark. The app can only be used by foreigners if they do not already use a contact tracing app from another country which is also based on technology from Google and Apple. However, please note that a Danish NemID is still required to be able to notify other app users if you become infected. We are also further developing the app so that it will be available in other languages than Danish.

  • Use of the app on older phones

    We get a lot of questions about the smitte|stop app not working on old phones. You can read more about which phones can use the app under the question ‘Who can download the app?’.

    We are very aware of the problem and regret that the app cannot be used on older phones. The reason is that the app has been developed using brand-new technology from Google and Apple that requires the latest update of the operating system on the phone. With the new technology, however, it has become possible to develop an app that gives top priority to protecting your data, and where the app can register other users of the app that you are in close contact with even if the screen is in sleep mode.

    The app functions as a digital supplement to the traditional manual contact tracing. In traditional contact tracing, you are contacted directly by employees of the Danish Patient Safety Authority if you have tested positive. The app is therefore one of several tools that support the work with reopening Denmark – in line with manual contact tracing, the possibility of being tested, isolation of infected persons as well as general advice on hygiene and distancing.

18. 06. 2020

Smitte|stop app now ready for people in Denmark

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15. 05. 2020

Political agreement on voluntary contact tracing app for COVID-19

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01. 05. 2020

New Advisory Board to advise authorities on upcoming Danish contact tracing app

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